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Bangladeshi Expatriate Society of Texas (BEST) was formed in 2010 to be the premiere cultural organization for all Bangladeshi Americans living in North Texas.

But, you’re probably wondering what makes BEST different from similar organizations? Well, the founders and members of BEST believe that the most effective way to preserve our culture, build a strong Bangladeshi community, and become a leading organization is by engaging the youth – the younger generation of Bangladeshi Americans.

So for the past three years, our committee members, volunteers and supporters have been working hard to increase youth involvement through entertaining and innovative events. Interest in BEST has increased dramatically – especially for our signature show Bangla Blast. In 2009, we had less than 20 participants, while in 2011, more than 80 performers eagerly took part. And – most all were under the age of 30. BEST has shown these individuals that it is hip to be a Bangladeshi and that our culture is unique, beautiful, interesting, colorful, and enriched with great history.
Take a look around on this site to learn more about what BEST has accomplished so far, what’s to come, and how you can get involved. We are always looking for energetic, passionate individuals to help take BEST to the next level. If you have a creative spirit, enjoy working with dynamic individuals, and are committed to community service, connect with us!
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